Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship provides a year of unparalleled international exploration for select graduating college seniors in any field.

The Watson is a rare window of time after college and pre-career to engage your deepest interest on a world scale. Fellows conceive original projects, execute them outside of the United States for one year and embrace the ensuing journey. They decide where to go, who to meet and when to change course. They do not affiliate with academic institutions and may not hold formal employment.

Watson Foundation

The program produces a year of personal insight, perspective and confidence that shapes the arc of fellows’ lives. Started in 1968, Watson Fellows comprise leaders in every field. Watson awardees come from select private liberal arts colleges and universities across the United States. From the program’s 40 partner institutions, 152 finalists were nominated to compete on the national level from which 40 Fellows were selected.

This year’s class comes from eight countries and 21 states. They’ll traverse 67 countries exploring topics ranging from climate change to incarceration; from technological empowerment to forced migration; from car culture to ethnoentomology. “This is a remarkable group,” said Chris Kasabach, Executive Director of the Watson Foundation. “Each fellow has taken a deep, organic interest, and turned it into a bold, global through line.”

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