About Me

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As the second oldest child in a family of seven, I have always been a part of a team. My older brother, Anthony, three younger sisters, Maggie, Maria, and Molly, and I grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina with our parents Joe and Terri. Whether taking a family vacation or enjoying a home-cooked meal together, many of my fondest memories are with my family.

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Through my experiences growing up, I have learned to value sports, music, and almost anything else that can bring people together while encouraging discovery – of people, stories, ideas, anything really. I’m not much of a reader, yet; though I hope to develop into a better one during the next year.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the support and encouragement of family friends, teammates, coaches, teachers, administrators, professors. Thank you to everyone who has made an impact on my life.


I recently graduated from Davidson College (yes, the same Davidson College that Steph Curry attended,) with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. The environment at Davidson allowed for me to have incredible opportunities for growth, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to my studies in philosophy, I was able to engage in classes such as Music Technology, French and German, Linear Algebra, Introductory Acting, Physics, and Astronomy.

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Outside of the classroom, I enjoyed spending time with my fellow Davidsonians. During my four years, I participated as a hall counselor, chair of the Honor Council, Division I Athlete, mentee to a former college president, founder of a student organization that hosts dinners to encourage conversation across lines of difference, music performer during Live Thursdays, volunteer with the Davidson Athletic Fund, excited attendee of theater and arts productions, avid Wildcat sports fan. Through these activities, I was able to grow alongside and learn from the people in my community. I feel very fortunate to have spent four formative years at Davidson College.

Though, I must say that my love for academic environments began with my experience attending public school in Greensboro – Grimsley High, Kiser Middle, and Sternberger Elementary. Particularly at Grimsley and Kiser, I was able to engage with people who were different then me, within the context of institutions that embraced their diversity.

Football/SoccerDuke Goal

Soccer has always been one of my life passions, ever since my dad was my first coach, and my mom would tie tight my cleats before sending me off to the park for under-6 training with my first team, the Hot Wheels. Throughout my career as a player, I was blessed to have been surrounded by great teammates, coaches, fans, and administration.

Most recently, I spent 4 years with the Davidson Men’s Soccer Program as a striker. During my senior campaign, I emerged as our team’s leading scorer. As a junior, I was sidelined with an overuse injury, and served as our team ambassador – encouraging teammates on the field and through a mentorship program between first-years and upperclassmen, supporting the coaching staff by setting up drills and camps, and contributing to our program’s publicity through social media efforts.

NC FusionIn high school, I played with the North Carolina Fusion Developmental Academy, for four seasons. During my senior year, I had the honor of serving as team captain of our Under-18 team. That year, our team finished third in the US Soccer Developmental Academy National Playoffs, the highest finish of any non-professionally supported club, behind only FC Dallas and Vancouver Whitecaps.

I also played with Grimsley High School Soccer for four seasons. I look back fondly over my time playing high school soccer, as it allowed me to train often, play with some of my best friends, and see the game from a different position, as a center midfielder.

Growing up playing for the Greensboro Soccer Club, now Greensboro United Soccer Association, I was on one State Cup Champion team and two runner-up teams. Before playing travel soccer, the recreation team I played for (with my dad as coach,) the Hot Wheels, won the Greensboro city championship for Under-11’s.

Though more important than any win, tie, or loss is the way in which soccer, and the relationships I have made through soccer, have shaped me as a person.